Whitening Injection side effects

Baek Ok Injection is gaining popularity as a secret for making bright skin among brides who have recently been married. After 2-3 days, the effect starts to appear and lasts for 3 months.

‘White Jade Injection’ is named after ‘glutathione’, a water-soluble peptide ingredient that inhibits the activity of tyrosinase, which produces melanin pigment, to improve skin tone and whiten the skin. The black female singer Beyonce received a ‘glutathione’ injection procedure, and her appearance was noticeably bright and white and Whitening Injection side effects.

But glutathione is currently in controversial safety. In 2011, the Philippine FDA warned of the side effects of injections for skin whitening purposes. Also, in 2012, eHealthMe.com, a leading American medical information analysis company, analyzed 132 people who suffered from glutathione and had side effects. They found vitiligo, hypopigmentation, abdominal pain, and abnormal kidney function. I’ve done it.

In addition, according to the European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, published in 2009, skin whitening was most frequently observed in 240 patients who had received whitening injections for more than three years. Pigmentation side effects were noted.

Glutathione components have been used for liver detoxification purposes. It is known that injection administration is only recognized as a liver treatment in Korea.

However, since the effects of inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase, which makes melanin pigment, have been identified, domestic dermatologists have accepted it and are currently operating it as a non-benefit item and Whitening Injection side effects.

Dr. Jin-Hyuk Lee said, “If artificially inhibiting or stopping melanin production, it is very likely to cause pigment cell dysfunction, which can lead to vitiligo, an autoimmune disease that results in mottled white spots on the skin.” Said.

Reporter Kim Jandi: The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has released clear efficacy, effects, side effects, and safety information to prevent misuse and misuse of beauty injections such as Baek Ok injection and Cinderella injection.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety announced on the 30th that it revised and published the ‘Safety Manual for Use of Drugs’, which includes the purpose of using five types of injections that are misused and abused due to unauthorized use, and the countermeasures against side effects and Whitening Injection side effects.

This product includes glutathione injection (also known as white jade injection), thioctic acid injection (also known as Cinderella injection), glycyrrhiic acid containing complex injection (also called licorice injection), fursultiamine injection (also known as garlic injection), zahager extract or Zahaga hydrolyzate There are a total of 5 types, including a placenta injection.

The KFDA explained that the manual has been revised to easily explain the clear approval and side effects of the medicines used for cosmetic purposes such as skin whitening, beyond the approved efficacy and effect.To help consumers better understand their medicines and help them make the right choices.

For example, glutathione, called white jade, is a specialty drug approved by the Korea Food and Drug Administration for its effects and effects on improving liver function in patients with drugs, alcoholism and chronic liver disease.It can only be used if prescribed by a doctor.

Tioctic acid, also known as Cinderella, is a combination of urticaria, eczema, and allergic skin diseases, as well as drug addiction. It is.

The KFDA said, “The use of medicines outside of the approved efficacy and effect should be based on academic and clinical evidence.” I asked Whitening Injection side effects.

I went to otolaryngology a few days ago. I was waiting for my appointment and I noticed a flashing billboard. ‘Garlic injection boosts immunity, Cinderella injections good for skin beauty 50,000 won, please consult with the director.’

According to the description, it contains various vitamins and nutrients. I was thinking about getting hit by a tired car. Nowadays, injections of various names such as white jade injection and licorice injection are popular. You can see these injection advertisements in family medicine and dermatology. Many of them think that it is a ‘all-round medicine’ because of the overpacking of the ingredients and efficacy of injections. While fluids can deliver moisture and nutrients through veins, they can be immediately effective, but those with weak heart kidneys can put a strain on the cardiovascular system. If you have severe hyperlipidemia, liver failure, kidney failure, or diabetes, you should not get a nutrient solution. You need to know the ingredients and effects of the shot properly and talk with your doctor and Whitening Injection side effects.

The injections that the public misunderstands as beauty injections are white jade injection and Cinderella injection. Former President Park Geun-hye became famous for being right. White jade is a glutathione component that acts as an antioxidant to remove harmful oxygen from the body. It is mainly used to improve liver function in patients with alcoholism, chronic liver disease. It is also used to prevent neurological diseases that can occur when cancer patients are given anticancer drugs. Face injection does not mean that your face is white and Whitening Injection side effects.

Cinderella injections, like white jade injections, have antioxidant and activating enzymes in the body. It contains thioctic acid, a kind of fatty acid. I was named after the fatigue to be pretty, but there is no way to confirm this.

Licorice injection contains glycyrrhizin acid derived from the herb root. It inhibits enzyme function in the body and activates corticosteroids. It is used as an adjuvant therapy for urticaria, eczema and allergic skin diseases, or it is effective for adjuvant drug addiction and improving liver function of chronic liver disease and Whitening Injection side effects.

Garlic injection is a combination of garlic allicin, which is said to have a spicy smell like garlic. It contains fursulthiamine, which helps in carbohydrate metabolism. Used to relieve vitamin B1 deficiency or neuralgia myalgia joint pain. These shots have nutritional and fatigue relief effects but can be temporary and have side effects. You may suddenly have a bad color, lowered blood pressure, a rash, vomiting and a headache. Even if you see the effect, habitually get the sap can reduce digestion, so be careful.

‘Inject one body fat reduction + skin whitening + anti aging!’ It is functional injection advertisement stationery of some hospitals and clinics. Losing weight, brightening the skin and preventing aging is only 50,000 won. If this effect is true, it is probably a Nobel inlay.

Functional injections have become more popular lately because former President Park Geun-hye was shot for beauty purposes. There are many kinds. Placenta injection makes it a placenta that connects the fetus with the mother and has been rumored to have a whitening and regenerating effect on the skin. The white jade injection of American singer Beyonce is known to inhibit the production of melanin pigment. Cinderella injection is also a vitamin complex and is said to be good for preventing aging and suppressing appetite. Garlic injection is a vitamin B1 ingredient. It’s not actually made from garlic, but it’s called garlic injection because it has one of the garlic ingredients, allicin, and it smells like garlic after the injection. Advertises to improve fatigue Multi-mineral injection is a mixture of high-dose amino acids and five minerals essential to our body (copper, chromium, zinc, manganese and selenium) and Whitening Injection side effects.

Will it really work? The answer is that there is no evidence to support it. On March 15 at the Seoul National University Hospital, Kim Min-jung, a researcher at the Korea Institute of Health Research, presented the results of searching and analyzing various research papers and journal presentations as the main components of various functional injections. The point is that there is no research showing this to be effective by administering intravenous injections for skin care or fatigue and Whitening Injection side effects.

Are there any side effects? According to the Korea Institute of Pharmaceutical Safety and Medicine’s Side Effects Reporting System, the number of side effects of functional injections was 134. There were many common allergic reactions, including itching, rashes and hives. In fact, the side effects are mild, so many people do not report it. However, there were seven cases of anaphylactic shock, a systemic allergic reaction, which can cause severe death. It’s an example of side effects in the UK, but the skin has been peeled off by using a functional injection for skin care.

In 2015, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published a consumer health information document that using injections for skin whitening is unsafe and ineffective. The Philippine Food and Drug Administration does not approve injections for skin whitening purposes. The Korean Medical Association decided to prepare guidelines for the use of functional injections Whitening Injection side effects.

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