Lung Cancer Treatment

Lung Cancer Treatment Depending on the type of lung cancer and the stage of metastasis, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy may be performed alone or in combination.

Wedge resection
Wedge resection

Lung Cancer Treatment



Lung Cancer Treatment

Nasophectomy: A surgery that selectively removes a diseased area from several segments that make up the lobe.

Pneumonectomy: An operation that removes an entire lung. When lung cancer invades the main bronchus or mediastinal structure, the entire lung is removed.

Lobectomy Using Thoracoscopic Endoscopy
Lobectomy Using Thoracoscopic Endoscopy

Korea’s first robot surgery system
Korea’s first robot surgery system

Minimally Invasive Surgery
This surgery is a method of making a small incision in the skin and excision of the lungs through the place, which has the advantage of reducing postoperative pain and shortening the recovery time. Excellent beauty effect.

In addition, even with complete surgical resection, chemotherapy can increase the cure rate. In small-cell lung cancer, radiation therapy is standardized along with radiation therapy Lung Cancer Treatment.
The method of administering anticancer drugs depends on the type of tumor and the type of drug used.The choice of anticancer drugs is based on the type of tumor, its location on the body, the stage of disease, and the effect of the tumor on systemic body function. It depends on your health. Sometimes chemotherapy and radiation therapy, or both.

Lung Cancer Treatment

Anticancer drugs are given in an outpatient or hospitalized ward.

Latest anticancer drugs
Various drugs for treating lung cancer and preventing relapse are being studied worldwide. In particular, targeted therapies are a new concept, and many drugs with similar effects are currently in clinical trials.
There may be several choices.

1) Chemotherapy for
non- small cell lung cancer Chemotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer can be divided into anticancer drugs before and after surgery and conventional anticancer drugs given to patients with difficult surgery. Lung Cancer Treatment
Pre-operative chemotherapy is usually given in some patients in stage 3, and chemotherapy is a treatment method that increases the survival rate by reducing the size of the tumor and then surgery.
Postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy is given to treat cancer cells that may remain after surgery to reduce recurrence and improve survival.
2) Chemotherapy for
Small Cell Lung Cancer Small cell lung cancer is very fast-growing and responds well to chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
Small cell lung cancer with an swelling stage is usually treated with chemotherapy.
Anticancer agents used for small cell lung cancer include cisplatin, etoposide, vincristine, phosphamide, and cytuxane.
Radiation therapy and Lung Cancer Treatment
There are several methods of radiation therapy, and the recently implemented 3-D conformal RT or IMRT can provide a sufficient amount of radiation while minimizing damage to normal tissues by adjusting the radiation dose and range.
Radiation therapy determines the radiation dose and duration of treatment, taking into account both the size, spread, shape and differentiation of the tumor, and the sensitivity to the radiation of the tumor. Therefore, skilled medical staff, diagnostic equipment and advanced treatment equipment are essential for radiation therapy, and advanced techniques are required to minimize damage to normal cells Lung Cancer Treatment.

Lung Cancer Treatment

Target of radiation therapy
1) Non-small cell lung cancer
The cure rate is about 30%.
Second, third second; This is done in combination with chemotherapy after surgery.
At the end of the third term; Radiation therapy is carried out in parallel with anticancer drugs.
Stage 4 (end); This is done to control the symptoms of the metastasized area and to reduce pain caused by brain, bone metastasis and spinal compression.
2) Small Cell Lung
Cancer Thoracic radiation therapy is used in combination with chemotherapy in patients with small cell lung cancer who are in the limiting phase (need brief description of what the limit is).
Initially, Lung Cancer Treatment

Focus of radiation treatment

1) Non-little cell lung malignancy

1 gathering; This is done when pneumonic capacity is weakened or when sedation and medical procedure are unimaginable because of ailments. The fix rate is about 30%.

Second, third second; This is done in mix with chemotherapy after medical procedure.

Toward the finish of the third term; Radiation treatment is completed in corresponding with anticancer medications and Lung Cancer Treatment.

Lung Cancer Treatment

Stage 4 (end); This is done to control the indications of the metastasized zone and to lessen torment brought about by cerebrum, bone metastasis and spinal pressure.

2) Small Cell Lung

Malignant growth Thoracic radiation treatment is utilized in mix with chemotherapy in patients with little cell lung disease who are in the constraining stage (need brief depiction of what the breaking point is).

Lung disease patients have great metastasis to the mind, so they get entire cerebrum radiation treatment with a modest quantity of radiation (30Gy) as a prophylactic and Lung Cancer Treatment.

At first, prophylactic entire mind radiation treatment is performed if the reaction is acceptable even in patients who have just gotten chemotherapy without radiation treatment in light of the wide scope of injuries.

Course of treatment

Contingent upon the patient’s condition, metastasis, and degree, the radiation portion, the quantity of medicines, and the term of treatment are dictated by the radiation oncologist’s judgment. When all is said in done, treatment takes around 5-7 weeks.

On account of far off metastasis, radiation treatment is powerful in forestalling and treating agony and loss of motion. As a rule, treatment for around 2-3 weeks can improve the indications of the treated region.

1) Radiation Oncology Physician Consultation

To start with, you will get clinical assessments (meetings, polls, and physical assessments) from your radiation oncology instructor, build up a radiation treatment plan, and play out extra tests fundamental for the radiation treatment plan and Lung Cancer Treatment.

2) Consultation and Consent Form for Radiation Therapy The

patient’s subtleties, contact data, and assent structure will be recorded.

3) Mock Therapy

The initial phase in arranging a radiotherapy plan is to look at the zone of the sore precisely.

The territory of radiation to be focused on is resolved, the image is taken and the body is set apart with extraordinary ink.

Checked lines ought not be eradicated until after the difference in treatment or until the finish of treatment. Intricate and troublesome treatment plans can be reenacted and focused on numerous occasions.

CT recreation The CT reenactment

is one of the propelled strategies for three-dimensional recreation of the body by taking a CT plan for the treatment zone to be lighted and Lung Cancer Treatment.

The numerous focal points of CT reproduction incorporate, right off the bat, three-dimensional and exact structure, and furthermore, the shortening and effortlessness of treatment pointing time.

Specifically, patients experiencing 3D stereoscopic treatment, which can be lighted seriously to the tumor, ought to experience CT reenactment.

4) Production

Lung Cancer Treatment

of Fixtures In request to forestall development during the treatment, plastic material or a swelled gadget is fabricated to cover the piece of the body to fix the body with the goal that it is exact and a similar treatment at each treatment and Lung Cancer Treatment.

This installation doesn’t have any significant bearing to all patients

5) Computerized treatment structure

Electronic treatment plan The mechanized treatment plan is executed by different structures to choose the most fitting arrangement. The radiation portion and the utilization of exceptional guides during treatment are likewise decided.

6) Lead shield creation Once the

radiation treatment site is resolved, the shield is made with lead to ensure typical tissues other than the treatment site.

7) Start treatment

It takes around 3 ~ 4 days in the above procedure, and after this procedure, treatment begins and Lung Cancer Treatment.

The time required for treatment is around 10 to 20 minutes, at which time a mechanical sound might be heard relying upon the machine activity.

At the point when you are treating, you ought to never move your body. You don’t need to hold your breath during the treatment.

8) Changes in Treatment Design

Lung Cancer Treatment There might be changes in treatment plans during treatment.

This is to lessen or adjust the treatment zone. At times, the CT for the treatment plan might be retaken, however at times, the structure may just be upgraded with the first CT.

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