Fruits Benefits


Mango is digestive and digestive. It’s warmer in nature. Creates new blood thickens the body, constipation and urine. Feeding milk after mango gives strength to the body. The heart and the brain power the gastrointestinal and lungs. Poisonous mouth mango eating is harmful. Sour mango is also dangerous health. Fine lions and fibrous mangoes are the best and Fruits Benefits.


Apple is the best cereal diet because it contains more phosphorus and steel than other fruits.
And phosphorus is the real diet of the brain.
Provides mental and mental strength through its constant use to produce blood. The color turns out
Circumstances arise in the head. Also beneficial for kidneys and teeth Women should eat apples with a specialty.
Apples are useful for brain and blood vessels. Apples are somewhat heavy and long-lasting.


Bananas are one of the most useful fruits in terms of vitamins. Bananas are high in starch and sugar. They have a very solid nutrition.
Highly nutritious and fat-fat diet, it produces strength and blood.
The banana should be chewed up and made of water. Weak minerals should be cautioned in the use of raw banana vegetable heat and dryness defects Fruits Benefits.


Very tasty and useful fruit. Its taste is cold, it is digestive and powerful. It produces new blood.
Heat and Corrupting Blood Release It is very useful in indigestion fever.
Damages in cough and colds Fruits Benefits.


Cloth cleanses gastrointestinal and intestines, strengthens digestion. What is constipation?
Extremely useful for the heart and the liver
The chest is clean and vibrant, relieves heat and thirst. After a serious diet, oranges are extremely useful.


The hottest fruit is fruit. Refreshes Eliminates jaundice and constipation. Opens the pissed urine. Brings sweat. And better for feeding mothers. Helps feed your baby’s feed. It uses more heat Fruits Benefits.


Cold and extremely popular due to vitamin abuse. Hemorrhoids are useful in rapid heartbeat diseases. Produces blood. Gives strength to the brain and gastrointestinal tract. Carrot is used in several ways. Raw salad pickles are served in the form of a square pudding. The heart of the carrot gives strength to the brain. Boiling carrots and adding salt or sweet to taste is best for health. Keep boiling at night in the water is best in the morning to remove the scalp and gum.


Cold cleanses dry blood. Increases eyesight. Hunger. Dry beer is very useful. Light digestion is exhausting and thirsty. The baby may chew a few leaves of beer before giving him bitter medicine so that he does not know the bitterness of the medicine Fruits Benefits.

Sweet potato

Helps heat constipation and lungs. It has a lot of starch. Working hard benefits the workers. The sugar should be chewed after the sugar is very useful.


Slower heart and brain strengthen the kidney and bladder. Increases moisture in the body. It is useful in urine and urine irritation.


The cold is dry Strengthens teeth and cleanses blood. Strengthens the liver. Useful for warm moods prevents hair from falling. Urinary tract is beneficial for bladder weakness. The jamons occupy slightly Fruits Benefits.


Is hot Constipation is what gives the body strength. The severity of thirst relieves fever and intestinal seizures. Kills the stomach bugs.

Custard apple

Warmth gives strength to the heart and mind but in the long run it is slightly digestible Fruits Benefits.


The cold heart powers the brain. The thirst is a little heavy. Eat a little bit.


Moderately dry hunger. Digests food. Power and refreshment. Obesity and diabetes patients use more constipation. Eliminates bloating. It is more useful to eat raw boiled peels. Eating too much salad reduces the benefits of tomatoes.


Warm constipation is powerful. Rare for the brain and eyes. It is very useful to give fresh grapefruit juice to a patient who is very weak. Blood produces a lot Fruits Benefits.


Fruits are cold and constipated. This heart powers the liver and gastrointestinal tract. Eating with peel is digested. Kashmiri pear and scallops are the same.

Sugar Cane

The effect is colder. Digests food. Thickens the body. Urine opens up. Eliminates heat and inflammation of the stomach. Blood stops the blood. Is slightly heavier. Its use in the abuse of Badi and Mucus is harmful, its juice is digestive. It is useful to suck teeth. This is how saliva combustion is involved Fruits Benefits.


Is colder and safer. Relieves panic. Gives a lot of power to the heart and brain.


The fruit is refreshing and refreshing. The heart gives strength to the brain and gastrointestinal. It is more useful to eat with salt and black pepper.
But those with raw guava wisdom tell food that constipation goes away. And there are numerous benefits.

Other Fruits

Jaundice, juaynds ( Jaundice) And hepatitis A (“A” hepatitis) These are different names for the same patient. In this disease, the skin ( Skin ) , The white areas of the eyes and the various membranes in the body are yellow. That is why jaundice is also called jaundice. Here are some of the nutrients that may be useful to patients with jaundice Fruits Benefits .

Fold ( Sugarcane): Fold is good for digestion and liver ( Liver) , While drinking a glass of nuts daily can help the patient recover from the disease faster.

Radish leaves ( Radish leaves): Radish leaves to get rid of jaundice that can be useful too, because these compounds in the leaves ( Compounds) That improve the intestinal motility of the intestines. Treatment of jaundice is possible soon after removing the juice of radish leaves and drinking a glass Fruits Benefits.

Lemon ( Lemon) Is very useful for patients with jaundice lemon liver cells ( Cells) From any damage. It can also be made by making a skincare bin.

Spinach ( Spinach): The adoption Iron ( Iron) , So spinach juice can be an effective home remedy for jaundice patients while the use of carrots with spinach leaves is also helpful.

Buttermilk ( Buttermilk): Buttermilk does not produce any type of fat in the body, so it is also an excellent remedy for digestion, in which a pinch of salt and pepper and cumin seeds daily, can help the jaundice get rid of the disease Fruits Benefits.

Caution: Patients with jaundice may feel less hungry. In the meantime , high-fat (heavy) , chicken (fried spicy spices) and protein-rich foods should be avoided. Patients should eat green leaves and fresh vegetables without boiling as over-consumption can be dangerous. In such cases drink more such items such as fresh juice, raw sugar (ie water mixed with milk) , glucose etc. Increase the use of jaundice patients fruits too.

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