First aid tips when bitten by animal (dog, cat, rat) or human

The latest news is the death of a dog bite from infection to sepsis.
The bite wound, whether bitten by an animal or a person, is totally different from a normal wound.
Take it seriously rat bite treatment .
In particular, there is a medical illness such as diabetes, or in older people, it quickly progresses to sepsis.
This can lead to death.
Even if there is a wound infection, early response is very important so that it does not progress to sepsis.
Animal or human bites are different from other wounds
The difference between bacteria is the most important reason.
Basically, the difference between being cut and stabbed is the difference in size and depth of the entrance.
The cuts are bleeding, so the germs that get in the blood are washed away.
The puncture wound is blocked before the bacteria are released.
So infection is better rat bite treatment .

Dogs and people bite the same way as stab wounds, the entrance is small and deep.

However, unlike the knife, there are bacteria that do not like air because they are anaerobic bacteria.
In short, when the air is blocked, the bacteria grow better.

Anaerobic bacteria grow better if the opening of the wound is blocked or the wound is closed rat bite treatment .

Since several anaerobic bacteria grow at the same time, the treatment with cephatic antibiotics that are common to aerobic bacteria does not work well.

No matter how good the disinfection on the outside can not kill the bacteria inside.
This article is about a patient who lost his entire arm,

Common sense misunderstood by some people

1) Rabies vaccination
This shot is for animals, not for humans.
Therefore, if you are bitten by dogs or cats, you should check your vaccinations.
By the way, the rabies vaccination is valid for 1 year, so animals must be given every year and rat bite treatment .
That is, a dog that was vaccinated against rabies two years ago is unbelievable.

You should think that organic dogs or wild animals weren’t right.
(I searched for some injections, but it’s hard to find them in Korea.
It is available at Korea’s Rare Drug Center, but the procedure is complicated.)
If rabies occurs in humans, there is no cure and almost 100% death.
(Seoul National University Hospital homepage medical information)

2 ) Tetanus shot
Tetanus is not the only bacterial infection that leads to death, but once it occurs it is very lethal and incurable rat bite treatment
Because of the difficulty of course, bite wounds are deep in animals should be the prevention of tetanus.
In general, the injections given by hospital emergency departments are Hyper-Tet.
Tetanus immunoglobulin is more likely to be infected than vaccinated.
In patients with a little if you are unsure whether you have antibodies that medication
Inject the antibody directly.

Common vaccinations are made by injecting weak antigens into the body to make antibodies rat bite treatment .
If you’ve already had a wound and tetanus, you don’t have time to make antibodies.
Of course, I can’t be assured that I’ve had this shot, but even if I’m actually infected, the symptoms can be alleviated
It is known and must be corrected.

Therefore, if you have not been vaccinated against tetanus within the last 5 to 10 years,
(Most of the time, they are not right since they were young .
Every 10 years thereafter.)

If the wound is deep or large, it is best to fit it (it does not have to fit all wounds.
Doctors can’t do it because they are cut from medical insurance . Problems can occur even with minor wounds
If you really have tetanus, ask your doctor why you did not give it. If you give me an injection rat bite treatment ,
If you have problems that are not the responsibility … it is really unfair)

This shot should be taken as soon as possible after the injury. The later the hit, the less effective.

rat bite treatment
The tetanus incubation period (one day to several months) is long, so it may be better to be late.
If you are injured frequently, as mentioned earlier, getting a Td vaccine every 10 years
Better than hitting Hyper-Tet .
(hyper-tet is known to have a defensive effect for up to 3 weeks)

3 ) Bite wounds should be washed
Of course, you can wash your saline solution, but if you can’t, you can wash it off with tap water.
Soap can help prevent rabies, so wash it with soap even if you get sick.
5 minutes is enough …. Wound disinfection is best povidone than alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

4) You should go to the hospital quickly
No matter how you disinfect it, you can’t kill the bacteria that’s already inside.
You must be given the appropriate antibiotic.
If you have a serious wound, it is safer to stay in the vein and administer it than to take it.
The wound should not be closed immediately.
As mentioned above, unlike common bacteria, it is an anaerobic bacterial infection.
If the wound is big enough to seal it, watch the antibiotic for 3-4 days after administration and if there are no signs of infection
Then you need to suture.
5) Ampicillin family, such as unasin (bactacin), rather than the usual antibiotic cepha family
First recommended antibiotic

Similarly, if an animal bite is given first aid, the safety of the rescuer and the victim must be considered first. If a dog is bitten, rat bite treatment first aid should be taken away from the dog. And you have to be careful and watch carefully to make sure the door doesn’t get excited and worse. An animal bite is a condition in which the skin is torn and dirty germs enter. Therefore, the infection is so easy that it must be treated in the hospital so that no sequelae remains. If you have a severe wound, call 911 and get ready to go to the hospital quickly. If you do not go to the hospital because the wound is not severe, you may be infected with bacteria and have trouble treating it.

If the bite is close to the joint, the joint should not move. If the bruises are swollen and swelled, it is best to ice. At this time, the ice does not come in direct contact with the skin. Instead, wrap the ice pack in a towel and apply it to the wound for about 20 minutes.rat bite treatment  Be wary of rabies if you are bitten by a dog or other wildlife. In dogs, being able to determine if you have the rabies vaccination will help treat it in a hospital .

Wild animals that are susceptible to rabies include skunks, raccoons, foxes and bats. In summary, the first thing you should do if you are bitten by an animal is to make sure the bite and the helper are safe, and be careful not to get the animal excited. rat bite treatment After washing the wound with clean water, it must be treated in a hospital to prevent infection and rabies. It’s a simple first aid, but keep in mind that it contains a number of deep reasons, and you should be careful not to make the wound worse by doing the wrong treatment.

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