An integral part of the human body is the blood that circulates in the organs of the body through the heart and arteries, and any human may require blood, plasma, white cells in severe illness, surgery and accidental situations, valuable human beings. Blood donations are very important and necessary to save lives.

Giving blood to any needy patient is considered a charity, while with the help of another human being, the Divine comfort comes from the Divine, and man is saved from all kinds of disasters and disadvantages.

In the Holy Qur’an of the Holy Quran, Allaah has described the saving of one human being as the equivalent of saving the life of the whole humanity. Many people think that donating blood can have negative effects on a person’s health, though this is not true.

Every healthy person has about a liter (ie two to three bottles) of extra blood in the body, experts say, every healthy person should donate blood at least twice a year. Does not have adverse effects, but blood donors are healthy.

The blood donated by the human body can be completed in three days, while the blood cells are formed in 56 days and the new blood cells are healthier and stronger than the old blood, which protects humans from many diseases. Are DONATE BLOOD.

It is also important to give it again three months or so after donating blood.

According to a study by the American Medical Association, people who donate blood periodically have a higher chance of developing a heart attack and cancer by up to 95 percent.

Iron affects the human heart, liver and pancreas due to the high amount of iron in the body and its low emissions, while research has shown that donating blood to balance the amount of iron in the body is a very useful process. Is.

This process helps prevent blood clots in the veins and helps improve blood flow to the body.

Regular blood donors do not suffer from obesity because the blood donation helps reduce body fat and control weight.

After donating blood, the formation of new blood creates a vomit in the face and it eliminates the effects of old age on the face.

In other countries of the world the blood donation is high but sadly there are only 1 to 2% of people in our country who voluntarily donate blood while others donate blood in accidents or other serious cases. Are DONATE BLOOD.

While everyone who is 17 to 50 years old and over 50kg can donate blood. Also, there are seven types of testing done on modern donated blood machines, including hepatitis B. C, AIDS, malaria and syphilis tests are included, and a full report is provided with the Honeymoon Globin and Blood Group, which allows the donor to become aware of any invisible disease.

Under normal circumstances, these tests are performed in a standard laboratory, and they cost thousands of rupees, while these tests are paid for when donating blood.

Last days, in collaboration with Indus Hospital and Government of Punjab, it was a pleasure to visit the state-of-the-art Computerized Regional Blood Center established in Multan and it was heartening to see the clean environment, paid services and the hard work and ability of the team DONATE BLOOD.

Here it was astonishing to see how closely blood donors are transferred from donors to patients after all the necessary tests on the medical history of the blood donor, weight and medical examination, and the latest machines. The well-established and highly computerized Kidney Center is also established under a public-private partnership, where all types of tests are fully paid for treating patients with self-esteem.

Disease is an expensive treatment, even the middle class cannot afford it, while here it is absolutely free.

In an era when treatment facilities and standards in government hospitals are extremely low and costs are high, the notion of a hospital that does not take a single penny from the patient and his relatives after admission is impossible, if not impossible, at Indus Hospital. Creators and operators have made it possible, under the Public Private Partnership, the performance of the non-profit organization dedicated to the spirit of service creation is outstanding, which this organization deserves a tribute, such a brilliant service creator. And the encouraging example is rarely seen in patriotism DONATE BLOOD.

Worldwide blood donation is being celebrated worldwide today, including in Pakistan.

The World Health Organization celebrates blood donation day on June 14 every year around the world to promote a positive blood donation. The day was celebrated at the 58th Health Assembly in 2005 by the United Nations Organization for the purpose of ensuring safe blood transfusion.

This day is also commemorated by the birthday of Carlland Steiner (14 June 1868), who invented the ‘ABO Blood Group System’, with which blood is still transported very safely.

This year, the day has been titled ‘Safe Blood, for All’.

According to the World Health Organization, more than 100 million people worldwide donate blood annually. Experts say that donating blood helps keep people healthy and safe from numerous diseases. Experts say that donating blood lowers the risk of cancer, improves blood flow, lowers the risk of developing heart diseases, and eliminates excess calories from the body DONATE BLOOD.

The most important benefit of donating blood is that the donor’s regular blood test is free of charge and he or she is more aware of the fatal diseases and prevention than other people.

An estimated 32 million blood bottles are needed every year in Pakistan, but due to lack of awareness, an estimated 18 million bottles are available.

The following instructions should be kept in mind when donating blood.

Blood donation can be given to individuals aged 16 to 60 years.

It is important to drink plenty of water before donating blood.

Make sure to have a proper breakfast before making a donation so that your blood sugar ratio is maintained DONATE BLOOD.

Carefully quit smoking 24 hours before donating blood.

If you regularly donate blood, add iron containing foods, including eggs, meat, spinach, etc. to your diet 2 weeks before your due date.

Avoid fatty foods, especially fast food, 24 hours before giving blood.

If you feel cold in the hands or feet while giving blood, ask for a blanket immediately DONATE BLOOD.

Remember that if you are an alcoholic, you may not have a blood transfusion for the next 48 hours after your last alcohol use.

After you donate blood, lie on the bed for a few minutes and take a light meal or juice in the meantime, usually provided by the organization.

After donating blood, take the first dose containing high protein intake, usually poultry or beef is best in this regard.

Avoid smoking for at least 3 hours after donating blood.

Lift heavy weights for at least one day and avoid x-ray size and DONATE BLOOD.

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